June 24, 2009


Welcome to my Q&A corner. This column is dedicated solemnly to you. Here I will answer all of your questions and requests.
Let's begin!

Q: Your blog is great! Can you reccomend good facial masks and where to find them as well as essential components to good daily facial care ?

A: No, YOU are great!
Done! Let me share my daily facial care. Always remember, behind every great skin there is a great life style. As mentioned in my earlier entry good skin = healthy diet + exercise + good sleep + skin care

I have sensitive skin and tend to stay away from masks in general. A year ago I was talking to a friend of mine about skin care. His mon happens to be a very respected international celebrity makeup artist. When i saw her I mistaked her for his sister, that's how young her skin looked! Her secret is egg mask. That evening I went home to try it myself, and still today, you'll catch me with my egg mask on!


Binbin Li said...

thanks for sharing this, Sophie is the best!

p.s. my mom uses egg mask. but I'm lazy and never bother to do it regularly... well, time to start. Go EGG MASK!!!

cora.prasad said...

hey sophie!! thanks so much 4 yr posts...do u have any tips 4 lightening up brown spots on yr face from acne? i know i could use a concealer but i'd really like to get rid of them! lmk :) thanksgirly


Dear Cora.prasad
stay tuned, I will post acne tips in the near future!

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