June 10, 2009


Hello, thank you for reading my very first post.
I'm thrilled to have a creative space of my own to which people can visit and contribute.

My name is Sophie and I’m an artist based in New York City. Having a background in graphic design and makeup artistry I consider myself to be a very visual person. In my blog I will be sharing my favorite products and outfits along with their labels.

I welcome your feedback, questions and links to your pages, so we call all get inspired!


Alex said...

Hey sophie cool blogpage
It freakin awesome. Lol

Great concept
It look like a magazine spread on a featured column with the numbers on the items and all that : )

Nicole said...

Hey Sophie! It's been a while since NMH. I love the blog (esp. the layout). I learned a great deal. We have to catch up sometime in NYC.


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