May 18, 2010


It's been a cold winter and spring has finally sprung! The count down has officially began. Sex and the City 2 will hit big screen on May 27! This time the girls get away from it all in an entirely new city, Abu Dhabi! How freaking exciting!

May 14, 2010


"Begin by curling the lashes and applying a light pencil liner to the lower inner rims of the eyes to open them out and make them look fresher"

"Take a black kohl pencil and apply a thick line to the upper lash line. Blink once and you’ll see the kohl imprinted on the eye socket. Extend the kohl up to this line and fill in the entire lid. No need for an eye base, as the kohl slides onto bare skin more effectively"

"Using the same kohl pencil, draw a thick black line just under the lower lashes. Don’t sharpen the pencil - it should be rounded so you can apply a thick line without dragging the skin. Connect the lower kohl line with that on the eyelid and blend out the color to form a flick"

"With a flat eye-shadow brush, press a layer of matte black eye shadow into the kohl on the lower lash line. Continue to blend the color out to the corner flick, extending the line out towards the temple"

"For the eyelid, take a soft blending brush and lightly sweep a layer of the matte black eye shadow across the entire lid to help seal and mattify the kohl. Blend right out to the corner flick gently to blur any hard edges"

" Equip yourself with a small angled eyeliner brush. Extend the line from the tear duct down towards the nose and taper it off. Then, outline the very bottom of the kohl line on the lower lash line and extend it out towards the temple in a straight line. Blot off any mistakes with a damp cotton bud"

content courtesy of timesonline

May 9, 2010


OMG! Eyewear is one of the hottest accessories right now! You may want to hide your blood shot eyes with them, or check guys out without nobody knowing whatever the reason eyewear look hot! Come on girls, let's put our lip gloss on and throw our shades on!

May 3, 2010