June 15, 2009


Are there certain topics you'd like to read about?
Got a general question? Or a specific one?
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Verena said...

I'd love to read a detailed, yet easy-to-follow, tutorial on how to create smokey eyes! :)

marie said...

Hey!! Can you write a blog entry on how to shape your own eyebrows? I am so clueless! No time for the salon, and I am tired of wearing bangs to hide them, lol.

LB said...

I'm glad I found your blog!
I saw your makeup work on your website. For how long have you been a makeup artist? I'd like to get into the makeup artistry industry, any advice?

lisa said...

Can you post a tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes? Great blog by the way, I'm already following it daily!

Cecilia said...

Your blog is great!
Can you reccomend good facial masks and where to find them as well as essential components to good daily facial care ?

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