November 29, 2009


After the unfortunate news of the death of the 20-year-old South Korean model Daul Kim, more details have been released.

It has been reported that Daul's boyfriend, who remains anonymous, was the one who reported the incident to the police, since he found her hanged in her apartment in Paris. Results from the investigation suggest that she committed suicide. Daul's mother flew over to Paris after receiving the unfortunate news. Netizens are speculating that this suicide was caused by the pressures of the fashion industry.

On October 30th, the model seemed to show signs that she was struggling; on her blog, she wrote that she was "mad, depressed and overworked." On November 5th, she wrote again on her blog, "The more I gain the more lonely it is... I know I'm like a ghost. I have nothing but myself." Three days ago on November 18, Daul Kim posted a track by Jim Rivers, I Go Deep, with the her headline commenting, "say hi to forever." This was her last entry.

Daul's body has been transferred to the hospital for autopsy test. It has not been confirmed whether or not she committed suicide. Fellow friends in the model business and G-Dragon have shared their condolences. Again, we give our condolences to Daul Kim's family, friends and fans during this time of sadness.

Source: NY Mag

Daul compiled a video for The Cut during Fashion Week, she shared her life outside of the runways Watch here.


kim J said...

this was such sad news when i heard about it; it's really unfortunate the way things ended for her.

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Emma B. said...

She seemed like such a nice gal :*(

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