August 10, 2009


Welcome to my Q&A corner. This column is dedicated solemnly to you. Here I will answer all of your questions and requests.
Let's begin!

Q: You can store all your makeup in the fridge? At what setting? I've been thinking of doing that also.. Btw, I've been meaning to ask.. if you just finish putting on your foundation do you wait a couple of minutes to put concealer on and then a couple of minutes again and then set it with powder or can you do it all asap? thanks!!

A: ABSO-freaking-LUTETLY! Storing your cosmetics in a refrigerator will prolong their life span. Especially during the hot summer season, I make sure all of my lipsticks are tightly closed, sealed in a zip lock bag inside my fridge, this way they not only last longer but they won’t melt away plus they are so cool and pleasant to use this way!
Korean company IDOCI has announced their stylish cosmetics fridge. OH SNAP!

Now, moving along the second part of your question...
I always tone + moisturize my face before applying foundation on. I wait about 1 minute in between, for the skin to absorb all the nutrients. Next I mixed foundation and concealer on the palm of my hand and using my finger tips tap it where is needed. Right after, I use a clean sponge and tap it all over my face and lastly I set my t-zone with a very light coat of translucent powder. So no, I do not usually wait for the foundation to sink in. That's what works for me.

I hope this was helpful, if you have any other questions, shoot them my away!

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