August 5, 2009


Many of us enjoy buying cosmetics, but do we actually know how to maintain them and to keep them from nasty growing bacteria? Makeup that isn’t cared for will most likely clog pores, cause breakouts and infections. GIRL, I’m kidding you not, GROUSE, right?!


Anonymous said...

You can store all your makeup in the fridge? At what setting? I've been thinking of doing that also..

Btw, I've been meaning to ask.. if you just finish putting on your foundation do you wait a couple of minutes to put concealer on and then a couple of minutes again and then set it with powder or can you do it all asap? thanks!!


Yes Anonymous!
I put them in one of those zip lock and store them in my fridge. Especially lipsticks, they tend to melt during the summer, and once they do melt their chemical component change.
I will answer your question in my next entry under the Q&A corner so stay tuned!

TRUSt Kaelei said...

Never heard of putting lipsticks in the fridge but its an great idea. i learn something new everyday. =)

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