July 14, 2009


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Q: <3 <3 < this! And all your tutorials! Thanks so much! Do you have have tips on concealing a big brownish birthmark on the side of your face. I'm looking for tips to keep makeup last at least 8 hours. It's so hard concealing something that's 1/4 your face. Thanks so much!

You are welcome sweetheart.

Birthmarks can vary in shape, size and cause, not all of them are the same. Beside undergoing laser treatment or surgery, concealing is one way of disguising its appearance. I found these sites selling products for camouflaging skin marks, hopefully this will help click here and click here I also found a blog of this person who was born with a huge birthmark on her face, I think she underwent several laser surgery treatments click here



  • Choose a concealer that offers heavy coverage and that matches your skin tone. Dermablend, Ben Nye and Glymed Plus carry a suitable one.
  • Using your fingers apply concealer to the area you want to camouflage. Keep layering until you no longer see the color of your birthmark showing through.
  • Gently blend the edges of the concealer using your fingers or a sponge wedge. Go around the edges and in tapping motion smooth outwards.
  • Once you've achieved a flat patch of makeup, you are ready to seal the concealer with loose powder. Apply with a big brush.

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate your quick response! I'll try it! <3

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