July 17, 2009


Whenever I go somewhere fabulous I like do add a little dazzle and pizzazz to my everyday look. There’s no harm in amplifying your flirtability with a fresh set of false eyelashes. In my recent trip to Tokyo I discovered a whole new world of beauty enhancer products. It’s amazing how many different types are available today. They have the baddest fake eyelashes and heated eye lashes curlers. I will share some products I bought with you.

1. Maikawa Aiku, Buy Here
2. Celeb Eye,
Buy Here - English Translation
3. Canmake Eyelashes, Buy Here - English Translation
Kyu Kyu Mira, Buy Here - English Translation
Takako Style, Buy Here - English Translation

Buy this item at Myrabelle Products LLC

Buy Heated Lash Curler at Sephora or at NexTag

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