September 28, 2009


In my recent entry “True Beauty” I talked about how to take care of your skin from the inside. I’m a firm believer that your lifestyle and what you choose to ingest everyday contribute to your overall skin appearance. Does great skin merely come from that? I can’t stop but wonder. Working in the fashion industry I know for a fact that behind a successful starlet there’s a dedicated team of dermatologists in charge of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Great skin comes from a healthy lifestyle and a good skin care regiment. Hollywood skin however, doesn’t come from that alone but also from a regiment of costly peels, facials, and lasers treatments, luxuries the average American can’t afford on a regular basis. So who is the Hollywood go to expert when it boils down to it? Two words: Kate Somerville. When stars want to max out their precious faces they are sitting at LA super exclusive Kate Somerville’s spa for cutting edge facials. There’s a particular advanced one called “Titan” that could actually pass for a facelift. You heard right! This astagoring pricey procedure that gets the stars lining up, is a combination of cold gel and infrared lights stimulating collagen, after a few treatments it can take up to a decade off your face.

Another facialist to the star is Tracy Martyn. This New York based skin expert has touched everybody from Kate Winslet to Brad Pitt. Her famous “Resculpting Facial” $600 treatment ($300 if given by one of her associates) is a combination of cleansing and exfoliation using a machine that gives off gentle currents to tighten, contour the skin and giving it a radiant glow. The results are astonishing that the A-listers always come back for more.
Flawless skin is a huge part of the stars/models making. For these women it’s a work commitment.

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